Have you ever went a long time without food and was starving to eat? I have! It’s not a good feeling. During those moments you feel like death is around the corner and any kind of food you see starts to look good to eat. When your body is starving, you will start to consider things you never ate before or even things you swore you would never eat.

We are all hard wired for love and affection, male attention and validation. But when you have been starved of these essentials, you will begin to accept anything in its place just to stay alive.

That’s what I did! When it came to relationships, I felt I needed anything just to stay alive and if he looked good enough to “eat” then I consumed him….even if he was a fake substitute of the real thing.

This week on the Living Single series, I talk about why I walked away from a 4 year relationship. I want you to take a deep breath before diving into this girl chat because after listening, it’s time that you consider why you are in the relationship that you are in too. This convo is needed and I know you will appreciate it in the end. Press play girl 🙂

Episode 7 -> Why I Am Single and NOT Having Sex…of Any Kind! Pt.1