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Sometimes I post videos there that don’t make it as a blog post here, but I want to make sure this video doesn’t miss your eyes.

How do guys treat you? No really, ask yourself, “how do guys treat me?” Are you pleased with the answer? Does it seem like guys always look at you as a sex object, call you bad names or behave in disrespectful ways towards you?  First I want to apologize to you for this HORRIBLE behavior. Let me make this very clear; Women are NEVER “responsible” for how men behave or their lack of self control. If a guy is acting disrespectfully toward you it’s because of his own sinful heart and disrespect for himself and he has to take responsibility for that and correct his behavior…PERIOD!

But I also want you to know that you have the power to change how guys respond and act towards you and it’s all in how you respond and act towards yourself.  Check out this truth.

“How you see yourself is how other people see you and how other people see you is how they will treat you”

So how do you see yourself? Ladies have always trained men how to treat them whether they are aware of it or not. This training starts as a young girl. But if you feel like you never properly trained the opposite sex on how to respect you, it’s never to late to begin. Lets’ start right now. Read these few tips to help you get started in the training and follow that up with the video below.

How to Train Guys How to Respect You

1. Never laugh at a guys disrespectful comments or sexual jokes and gestures toward you. Immediately express your dislike for it and that you do not tolerate it…with a straight face! He MUST know that his behavior is wrong and unacceptable. Do it respectfully!

2. Always dress how you want to be addressed. If you don’t want to be seen as a sex object, then don’t present yourself as a “sex object”. Your body parts are not made to used to manipulate and control guys to desire you sexually and when we use our bodies in that way, that is the message we give off. So be careful to honor your private parts ( breast, booty, vagina ) in how you dress and carry yourself. #HolyBootyAndBreast AYYYEE!

3. If you tell a guy that you don’t like something and they keep doing it, that means he does not respect your boundaries and humanity and you need to cut him off completely! The best way to teach guys how to treat you is by your actions. Your “No” should mean “No” and if you let it slide then he will no longer take you or your words serious!

P.s After you watch the video, check out the update/correction concerning what I said belo