Sex, masturbation, pornography, lust…its real so lets talk about it.

It’s so common to hear males struggling with this stuff, but what about a female? Every word you just read, I identify with it.  I struggled with lust for the longest. It started at a very young age. I was a little girl in elementary school, didn’t know nothing about nothing but found myself letting a little boy feel on me. I even found myself kissing a girl.

I don’t think you all understand how the enemy works. The day we are born the enemy is there, we have demons assigned to our lives to try to destroy us. From day one they are taking notes, how we move, what excites us, what we like and don’t like, and to make sure the family curse continues. That’s why it is said we rejoice when people die because they have gone to be with God and mourn when a person is born because they are down here with this shrewd devil.


Revelations 12:12 But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.

How do you think the enemy knows what to tempt you with, how to get you? If he sees that you like chicken he will never put beef in front of you, you get it? Do you ever hear stories like this:

“Every since I was 4, I always felt I liked boys” or  “I always felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body”.

Don’t think their crazy, believe it. The enemy gets us at a young age. When you start early at something its easier for things to grow in you and as they grow it becomes deeply rooted and manifest into full maturity. Just like a young girl who started dancing as a baby and is now the best dancer out there, it’s the same thing. These spirits grow with the child. That’s why its a must that you pray over your kids, anoint them in their sleep and watch where you send them and who are around them. Evil spirits are always searching for a home. The enemy doesn’t care if you are 2 yrs old or 90 yrs old, he wants you to burn with him for eternity away from the all mighty God because he was cast out of heaven. He is very salty as we would say.

The enemy started off subtle in my life. He even tried to tempt me with lesbianism. When I got older that’s when the lust door busted wide open and it all came pouring in. I didn’t even know why I was doing the things I was doing. You may think it was just to get that physical feeling but it was deeper than that, the devil had a serious hold on me and he wanted my soul.

BUT GOD! I was reminded today that God is all powerful and He led me to write this to you. There were times where I would be tempted with sex and give in. The devil would put old memories in my head early in the morning ( the moment I wake up) and I would give in. I would call whatever guy I was talking to or I would handle it myself, just being real.

I woke up this morning and guess what, the devil was still up to his old tricks, he has no new ones by the way. This time, instead of giving in, I called on my God! You see, when you spend some time with God He will teach you some things. He will teach you how to fight and how to defeat the enemy. I began to pray out my mouth, rebuke those thoughts and quote the word of God just like Jesus did when he was tempted by the same devil in Mat