Your mom didn’t graduate so you don’t graduate. Your mom messed with married men, had 5 kids no husband, so you go down the same road.  Your dad drank everyday so you drink like a fish. Do you know that the things we struggle with are not by accident? In this life we fight against demons, spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm, NOT people, Ephesians 6:10-17. Every demon that attacked your grandma/pa then your mom and dad, is now attacking you. Its called generational curses!

The same things that the devil got your parents with he is now trying  to get you with. Think about it. You think its by coincidence drug users children also become drug users? Mom had a baby at 16 now daughter is too? Mom is gay now daughter is saying she likes girls? Same demons, same generational curse.

I just want to encourage you and let you know that what they struggled with you don’t have to nor does your kids have to. For me, I missed the “keeping my virginity”  boat, but thank God that how we start does not determine how we end. He will make you brand new and give you a clean start right where you are. Now I’m determined to finish strong, be the first in my family to keep myself and wait for my husband to start my own family. I pray my daughters will make it all the way never letting a man touch them until their honey moon night. What are you determined to do?  All it takes is the power of God and one decision to say, “I am NOT what the devil says I am”. All it takes is one person to stop the entire cycle. That person can be you! I hope this praise dance by myself encourages you 🙂

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