The worries of this world, “whats going to happen in the future? Where am I going to live? Who will I marry? Will I get a job and how will I survive? How is this plan going to work,  school etc.?”

I woke up this morning with a heaviness on me, a spirit of worry and I really had to check myself or should I say check the enemy! The devil is waiting to attack you the moment you wake up & that’s why its so important to read the word to start off the day. The word is our weapon against the lies of the enemy & we cant go out to battle with no armor on!

The devil had me messed up & I had to remind him that I am Royalty,  the Righteousness of God, a child of the Most High, the Heir of a King, my name is Victory. If he is attacking me I know he is doing it to you so guess what??

ITS TIME TO EASE YOUR MIND! Let God in heaven handle it. All worrying does is put a heavy burden on you for no reason. I have noticed that by worrying we give ourselves too much credit. Remember, God has all the power & if He wants you to have something, you will have it and if he does not want you to have it then you won’t have it. He knows what’s best. Worrying says we have the power to control our lives which we don’t, so free yourself right now. He has it all under control 🙂

Think of a baby crying out to the parent. Whether hungry or in need of a change, when he/she cries they know mom or dad will come & meet their needs, simple as that! Well we are always children to God & if a human can take care of their child, how much more the creator of the heavens & earth? Our heavenly father will provide for us & give us the best, abundantly! Just cry out to Him (pray) & don’t worry because you can’t do both. Be encouraged!

Meditate on His word & watch this Joyce Meyer video. Her ministry has freed me in so many ways. Enjoy!