I’m sooooo happy that you completed SHE Abundantly’s 4 Points of Purity (insert happy dance here). Before we get to the download, do you remember the questions I asked you to ponder on in the intro video?


 Let’s recap:

1. What is sex?-  Any activity that involves the sex organs to do it
2. Who created sex?- God 🙂
3. Is sex a bad thing?- NO! It’s a gift from God
4. When is sex appropriate?- Within the only committed relationship there is…marriage 😉
5. Should I be having sex right now?- If you are not married…No!


As I promised, here is  your very own copy of The Purity Promise! Make a decision today to love yourself by wanting better for your life, now and in the future and also wanting better for the lives of your future children. Love yourself enough to respect sex and its proper time in your life, a committed marriage. Print it, sign it and never forget it.




Wait…There’s More


Let’s take these purity points a step further. For the last few years I have been hosting a life group called The Purity Promise where I personally teach and talk intimately with teen girls about sex and relationships. I am now hosting this virtually. If you are a teen girl or the parent of a teen girl age 13-17,  click the link below to register. I can’t wait to chat with you. 

If you are 18 + don’t worry! I have something for you as well that I am working on that will take this sex talk and turn it into a life journey of sexual Integrity and freedom. It will be interactive and you will be able to walk with myself and other young women like yourself as you pursue a healthy life approach to sex.  So stay close and make sure you are subscribed to the blog and ready to jump on it once its released. It will be called  “#IRespectSex ” 

In the meantime, check out my YouTube series called Tips On How To WIN At Sex where I talk about sexual journey as single young woman and how to take steps in pursuing a life of sexual integrity. I guarantee you will LOVE every tip. Click below!