You Get it From Yo Momma!

You Get it From Yo Momma!

Do people say you look like your mother a lot? How about this one:  “You act just like yo momma, and you talk like her too.”

Oooh genetics, so cool and complicated at the same time.  Where we come from and even who we come from truly shapes our lives and our views of life! I mean, just this year I have truly learned that environment is EVERYTHING and having the wrong people around can break you while having the right people around can build you.

Have you ever thought about what has been passed down to you and who has shaped your life views? Why do you do the things you do? Who exactly did you learn to do that from? I mean, who do you REALLY act like?

Check out SA’s latest girl chat called, “You Get it From Yo Momma.” I guarantee  you that it’s not what you may think!

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Britany Jones

Brittany Jones is an inspirational writer and speaker for young women. Her passion is to empower young women to live their best life by knowing their self-worth and the power of sexual Integrity.

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Should you be having sex right now? Find out the answer plus more! (P.s This FREE info is about to change your life!)