Hey ladies! I hope you enjoyed SA’s previous blog post, Click ->  You Need This to Overcome Sexual Sin! Pt. 1 . I have learned that to be successful at anything, you can’t do it alone.  With sin, especially sexual sin, it can bring one a lot of embarrassment and shame. We feel we are the only ones who have done it and fear judgement right? We don’t want people to know our deepest secrets and we want them to think we are perfect.  Trust me, I know the feeling. Let me just say, it’s all a trick!

It took me awhile to get to a point to talk about my mess ups freely and it came with me realizing it’s not about me but about helping so many others. Even with the confidence God has given me, I still find myself having to overcome that initial feeling of shame when talking to my accountability partner. But after I get it out, it’s so liberating! I’m here today to remind you that your life, your heart, your future and the people who need to be encouraged by you  is depending on you….to get over yourself! See what I mean below.