The year has not even really begun and I have already felt like a failure, in ways one may not understand. I had to have so much life spoken into me just so that I could get up and stop the tears.


I had to tell myself what God has for me it is so and no matter what the devil tries to throw my way its not the end. My mistakesĀ is not the end of this story and they are not for you either, because how we hurt is the same way we are going to help! We don’t hold God up He holds usĀ up!

I want to encourage you today and to tell you that this life that you live, this year that is ahead is as great as your surrender to God, meaning you just saying “here I am God, your way is better than mine”. It is not based on your performance, how well you think you are or how bad you think you are. If God’s spirit is inside of you then trust that He will change things in your heart to line up with His word. Already the enemy has tri