Encourage yourself today

The enemy will try to make you believe that you’re not suppose to be holy, that you’re not suppose to stand out, WRONG! Yes you are.

Feel free to be holy and righteous, feel free to talk about who God is. Feel free to stand out. Feel free to not indulge in even the slightest sin. Is this not what God is calling us to do?

Sometimes the enemy will lie to us and try to make us feel we need to “tone it down” even among believers. Some believers have gotten ¬†so use to living in this world that when Holiness is in their face it’s uncomfortable, like your the odd ball. Your light is showing others the stains they have. We need that! Let your light shine brighter than ever because your helping others get ready for that wonderful judgement day!!

You see this post picture? When you look at that picture what catches your attention? This is how we should be. In no way are we to blend in and get lost in the crowd. God is looking for those who are not afraid to represent Him. Continue to seek Him. Get in your word daily and operate in His love. You will never go wrong doing good ūüôā

So how do we stand out?

  • Reading your word
  • Speaking life to and about all people especially when you don’t feel like it ..Ephesians 4:29
  • Waiting until you’re married to have sex… 1 Corinth 6:9-11, 15-20
  • Waiting to live together until you are married.. God ¬†requires holiness..this goes back to not having sex before marriage¬†1 Corinth 6:9-20¬†God said he shall cleave to his wife, not girlfriend. For more on this topic visit a SA favorite¬†Shack’n Aint Crack’n
  • Not going to the club..(then talking bout “praise the Lord” Sunday morning) ¬†James 4:4
  • Not drinking or smoking Ephes 5:15-18 , 1 Corinth 6:19
  • Respecting yourself instead of twerking so everybody can see what they not suppose to¬†¬†1 Corinth 6:19-20
  • Telling the truth instead of lying Rev 21:8
  • Showing your kids how to really live, raising them to live for God instead of BET raising them Proverbs 22:6¬†
  • Being careful what you show your kids in your own behavior ( Can’t curse at them then get mad when they start cursing.)
  • Not cursing James 3:9-12
  • Not gossiping, not being a messy woman, young fools grow to be old fools¬†Proverbs 20:19, 31:26, Psalm 141:3
  • Being a wife that submits (yes submit ) can pray and speak blessing over her husband pulling him closer to God 1 Peter 3:1-7
  • Actually wearing clothes..you cant have fashion without fabric.. we cant be mad when we attract dogs when all we show is meat..Think about that 1 Peter 3:3-4
  • Having a gentle and quiet spirit..¬†1 Peter 3:3-4
  • Truly being an example that other young ladies would want to follow.
Some things are easier said then done but when you have a desire to go higher, God will take that desire to the top of the mountains. If you fall, GET UP. I have never defeated the enemy by staying down. I got up and continue to get up and keep walking because I know I’m victorious. Continue to st